Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Black G57868

Release Date:  Mon 19 Jul 2021   9:00 AM GMT

£ 450

Style Code: G57868


Just as luxurious it sounds, the upcoming Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Black looks gorgeous as well! This silo comes...Read More

Just as luxurious it sounds, the upcoming Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Black looks gorgeous as well! This silo comes bringing the Prada heritage and Managing Director Bertelli’s passion for the ’70s. He was a professional sailor back in the day and wanted to win America’s cup with a cruise boat. After an Argentine boat won the 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup, the Prada team decided to get a bit crazy with the Luna Rossa boat to win America’s Cup. The boat’s name is unique, and it comes from the big red moon Bertelli saw. As of now, Luna Rossa will be the representative of the Sicilian sailing club 2021. It’s pretty clear why the Prada adidas collaboration is happening now.

It’s a pack (A+P) of two Luna Rossa colour schemes, and both of these kicks have premium materials. Competing with the Luna Rossa 21 Grey, this one looks even more luxurious. It’s probably because this one comes with the core Prada vibes with pitch-black monochrome. The bright red Prada branding strip pops off just like a red moon in the night! If you’re into luxury brands, this colourway might resemble the Linea Rossa F/W 2020 clothing line. Follow us on @FastSoleUK for more details on adidas releases.

First of all, the dark and mystique charcoal black upper body is not something you can miss. Even if the bold black theme isn’t what you generally fall for, the luxe vibes of Prada and adidas will make you grab a pair! Of course, you can pick the grey one running alongside if black seems too aggressive. However, we say grabbing both of these themes is that smartest sneaker hunter move this season! Now, let’s see what this one is made of.

The premium construction of Primegreen material opts for more sustainability. It’s a high-tech textile made out of recycled waste particles so that sneaker fashion can also contribute to a greener world. The adidas Boost midsole has Continental rubber and 360° ergonomic features to keep the shoe smooth and reliable for every ride. Black paints everything on the upper body, including the midsole and the branding. Finally, the red Prada stripe on the heel finishes it off.

Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Black will hit the confirmed UK and European stores on July 19th.

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