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Converse One Star: A Complete Guide

25 January 2023


Liam Perry

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Converse One Star: A Complete Guide

Here’s a sneaker that’s back in the business for the third time. It’s the 70s classic that was deep-rooted in the history of sportswear. In the real sense, Converse was the first brand to step into the court. Worn by professionals, the shoe was eventually present in every game.

Converse One Star History

Image Credit: sneakerfreaker.com

Converse One Star was birthed as an OG basketball shoe and soon adopted by skaters. In the 1974 catalogue, the Converse suede version made a mark with a design lesser-known now. On release, the shoe was definitely on the top. Back then, it featured smaller toe caps, thick rubber soles, two distinctive stripes and no official branding.

Converse One Star History

Image Credit: sneakerfreaker.com

The old school trainer went through its adolescence to carve a significant place. But as the game of basketball started evolving, the sneakerdom saw a lot of advancements in the sole technology. This really questioned the Converse number game.

How did the legendary brand stay on the top level? Did the shoe stay the same or make remarkable changes? Oh, sure it did. These sneakers have come a very long way from a sports icon to streetwear culture. Let’s know-how!

The Story of Converse One Star

The Story of Converse One Star

Image Credit: sneakerfreaker.com

In the 70s, when the low-cut trainers became a preferred court shoe, the high-top, less premium Converse got caught in the wave and took a back seat. PUMA and adidas offered more advanced versions, and then it was about time for Converse to pull up the socks. The label tried its hands on many low-cut suede and leather sneakers and began the transition phase. To your surprise, Converse even experimented with a tennis shoe. Some prominent changes like a low profile construction and shock-absorbent insoles were seen. The shoe then marketed strongly on the strategy of being a hard wear build which is priced at a low point. The sneaker resurgence was timed perfectly at the peak of the skateboarding and grunge movement. In no time, these kicks were seen on the right people. A smart strategy and strong personality did make a sureshot revival.

Guy Marino’s part in Mouse Girl Skateboards video

Guy Marino’s part in Mouse – Girl Skateboards video from 1996, Directed by Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze was then an owner of a girl skateboarders team and played a huge role in advertising the shoes. He introduced the shoe to many. Guy Marino flaunted them in the ‘Mouse’ illustrious 1996 skate video.

Kurt Cobain with Converse One Star

Image Credit: reddit.com

When images were floating of Kurt Cobain in these spectacular shoes, they also became a part of pop culture. With mainstream advertising and skate icons embracing the shoes, Converse One became a 90s favourite.

The Story of Converse One Star

Image Credit: complex.com

In 2017, Converse One Star returned for the third time with a grand entry. The classic shoe took a new form and became a skateboard staple after 46 years of emergence. It stepped into a booming landscape with some newfangled features and materials. The shoe features many significant changes, including the LUNARLON insole cushioning, gusseted tongue, and a vulcanised rubber sole. The vintage style adopted exceptional comfort and durability. These silos were spotted on many pro skaters, and ever since then, there have been no signs of slowing down. The counter-cultural silhouettes entered the stardom game, and how!

Sizing and Comfort of the Converse One Star

Undoubtedly, Converse is one of the most renowned brands in the world. With the biggest claim to fame, these sneaks have become an everyday staple. Is Converse One Star true to size? Is Converse One Star comfortable? Since these thoughts are pondering over you, let me reveal it all.

Is Converse One Star true to size?

the Converse One Star Size Chart

The shoe sizing is a minefield for sneakerheads. And that’s why we are here to discuss one of the most important criteria. Here’s a much-known fact – Converse sneakers run big in most cases. The sneakers are narrow from the front and do not stretch as much as they should. Now, the question is whether to go a half size up or one size up? If your feet are narrow, you can comfortably opt for about half a size up. That will leave you with just enough room to put on a pair of socks.

However, for wide feet sneaker lovers, half a size up will not be comfortable. You will need a shoe at least one size bigger than the usual. The sportswear sneakers will then ensure that your toes do not clench. You will have enough space for movement and breathability. Going for half a size up, like the above, will cause your feet to sweat and keep you uncomfortable. The sneaker will not stretch, and you will be uneasy all day. Please take my word; go one size up.

Is Converse One Star comfortable?

 Comfort of the Converse One Star

The Converse One Star feels like it’s crafted to perfection right out of the box. And that reflects beautifully on the comfort. The sneaker has a deep cut with a great heel lock for the feet. So, your feet will feel secure while skating and playing. The lifestyle silhouette also gives you the luxury to live in them. The runners go beyond the pop of colours with their functionality and flexibility, because of which they are capable of providing elevated comfort.

When you first get into them, there may be a chance you clench your toes. But within a few days, you will come to terms that these sneakers are ridiculously comfortable. The shoe’s topline showcases premium leather or suede, which also adds to the comfort tremendously. The lunarlon cushion acts like an icing on the cake to make you feel like you are walking on clouds, if that’s a thing.

The rubber outsole is constructed to provide a springy effect like no other. You can expect the right foot-to-ground grip and go miles walking in these silos without any discomfort. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them one of the most comfortable shoes.

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How to style the Converse One Star?

Here’s our lookbook if you are looking to dress better with the Converse One Star. The minimal and basic nature of the sneakers makes the styling a no brainer. You could pair it with anything you like and yet rock the look so graciously. The youth-led aesthetes can help you achieve the most desirable look. Wanna know how?

Styling tips for women

 Converse One star Styling tips for women

If you own a pair of white Converse One sneakers, here’s the time you can flaunt a look you have only been dreaming of until now. Put on a pair of skinny white jeans and embrace it with something dark on time. If you think your white sneaks are getting camouflaged with your bottoms, that’s not the case. I would recommend wearing a pitch-black camisole top and sport a monochrome look. If you want to go bolder, accessorise it with pared-black sunnies.

Breton stripes are back this season, and you have all the reasons to flaunt it as much as you want. Team it with retro-inspired straight leg jeans and look like a classic. This fashion-savvy peek is never going out of vogue. Don’t shy away from holding the glossiest bag.

Dying to think out of the box? Say no more! Let the quirkiness inside you out. Be a showgoer and elevate your Converse One Stars as much as you want. If your pleated midi skirt has been in the closet all this while, it’s time to bring it out. Pair it with a nude stretch-jersey top and add some chunky gold jewellery to your style. Trust me; you will have all the eyes gazing at you.

Some may call this wacky, but to me, it’s being a style icon. Pair your Converse with a plain puffball dress and team it with a playful bag. Remember, being safe is boring.

Styling tips for men

 Converse One star Styling tips for women

It’s no news how men love living in their joggers. But if you are looking to add a bit of a glam quotient, here’s my super stylish suggestion. Slip into wide-leg trousers and be as comfortable as you want to. To give it a fusion twist, pair it with a basic t-shirt and a plain well-tailored blazer. You are going to make this look like couture.

If you love sporting a suit, there’s stopping anymore. These lace-ups can tone down the seriousness of a suit and add a little spunk to it. Play a little with the inner if you want. A graphic tee or a cowl neck sweater will look great.

A large look always works. Be cosy and put on your oversized baggy bottoms. A loose cut jacket with distressed boyfriend jeans and a solid shirt will look spectacular. You could look modern, trendy and funky; everything at once.

And that are some secret styles curated only for Fast Sole readers. We love your spirit, and we can’t wait to watch your fellas raving about you.

Variants of Converse One Star

Converse One Star GOLF Le FLEUR

  • Converse One Star GOLF Le FLEUR: Here’s a classic retro design to symbolise the streetwear culture. The low-top sneaker is deluged in Tyler’s dynamic imagination featuring a youthful design with unique details. It is backed up by a rebellious heritage to provide individualism. The intricate specifications are unparalleled and attention-grabbing. The shoe is crafted from premium leather and suede, with the flower motif hitting the sidewalls.

Converse One Star Pro Low Top

  • Converse One Star Pro Low Top: These silhouettes have successfully taken the wearers from the streets to the skate. They are clad in a low-top framework with super classic shades. The revamped rendition of the 70s model has incorporated a lunarlon cushion for elevated comfort. This makes it a sport advanced sneaker, thanks to the hi-end fabrication. It is 30% lighter compared to the structured phylon foam. Besides that, it is bouncy, responsive and safeguards the feet’s pressure points. A classic example of functionality at its best.

Converse One Star CC Low Slip-On

  • Converse One Star CC Low Slip-On: The low slip-on are your perfect summer-ready footwear. The construction is completely enduring and crafted with minimal aesthetics. Reinforce suede upper, enhanced rubber outsole and an elevated midsole add extra durability to the sneaker. You will find minimal branding on the heel to give a clean finish. Also, the ortholite inlay sole makes the comfort peerless.

Converse One Star Premium Suede

  • Converse One Star Premium Suede: This Converse Premium suede sneaker is out with a fresh vibe featuring vibrant shades and drop-dead aesthetics. The iconic silhouette has the One Star branding on the medial and lateral sides, sitting on the rip-roaring colourway. The modernised iteration oomphs up day-dressing with its vintage vibes. A premium grade hairy leather upper with a chunky sole gives the sneaker unrivalled durability and top-notch comfort.

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Explicit features of Converse One Star

Since its groundbreaking debut, the Converse One Star has only won lots of hearts of the sneakerholics. The handful of design elements plays a huge role in establishing its massive popularity.

Plush suede

 Converse one star Plush suede

The Plush suede body is the first thing that nailed the fame. A clear luxury that swept every sneakerhead off their feet. The runners scored all the points they could for the look and feel. Besides that, the suede upper did a lot to contribute to the comfort factor. It is soft to touch and soothing to wear. These suede sneakers, when worn, feel very creamy on the skin. The fabric also makes the runners breathable.

Ortholite insole

 Converse one star Ortholite insole

Ortholite insoles are immensely beneficial, which is why sneaker labels are switching from traditional insoles. Thanks to it, the sneaker’s fit, comfort, performance, and cushioning are on point. You can expect a great level of moisture management and that’s one reason you can literally live in these sneakers. Also, they have a high level of breathability and make it easy for air to circulate in and around them.

Rubber outsole

 Converse one star Rubber outsole

The Converse One Star rubber outsole is crafted beautifully with a fuzzy coating around the arch area to prevent falls and slips you could have been a victim of. Due to their slip-resistant nature, these shoes provide an enhanced grip on treacherous surfaces. These rubber outsoles also prevent exposure to heat.

Iconic die-cut One Star logo

 Converse one star Rubber outsole Iconic die-cut logo

Totally nailing the aesthetic appeal. The iconic die-cut One Star logo makes the runners look super stunning. It’s the epitome of ‘Branding done right.’ Not too much, not less. Just appropriate. The Converse One star logo looks enticing even from the far.

One Star heel plate

 Converse one star heel plate

The Converse One Star heel plate makes you feel at home. You would feel stable, secure and super cosy. It is crafted in a way to make your heel feel at ease and have no discomfort. So, you could go long hours in these shoes.

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Converse One Star: Real vs Fake- In-depth analysis

The Converse One Star shoes have been in a tepid for a while. Being in the eye of the storm, the chances of the runners being replicated have increased. Yes, pulling out the fake ones from this crowd can be intimidating. To help you with that, Fast Sole has listed all the details to help you decipher the authenticity. From afar, the knock-offs look just like genuine sneakers. It would be best to get into the intricacies to familiarise yourself with the Converse One Star real vs fake difference.

Sneaker tongue

Converse One Star Real vs Fake Tongue

Here’s a clean and crisp look. The Converse One Star sneaker tongue will have nothing embossed on it. The fake runners goof up here big time. Like the Converse All Star has the logo printed on the tongue, the Converse One Star does not. And that’s where the replicas go wrong. Trying too hard to prove their genuinity, the counterfeits place the logo on the tongue. Besides that, look into the quality and stitches. The sneaker tongue is made with a thick canvas. So, it shouldn’t be very thick. And the stitches around the border of the tongue must be neatly done. If loose or uneven, it’s a no brainer that the runners are fake.

Sneaker insole

Converse One Star Real vs Fake insole

Regardless of the model you pick, the insole for these sneakers is standard. Plain or printed, the runners will have ‘Converse’ One embossed on the insole. It must be sharp, bold and in a consistent font. If it’s missing, looks blurry or has an improper font, it’s not genuine.

Sneaker outsole

Converse One Star Real vs Fake outsole

The sneaker outsole plays a huge role in unrivalled and highly favoured comfort. These runners feature an all-rubber sole with a fuzzy coating. This is incorporated around the arch areas to diminish the chances of slipping. Besides that, you should find the signatory star with the shoe branding. Here there are high chances of counterfeits skipping some detailing. Also, remember to find the printed asterisk on the outsole. It will be close to the Converse logo.

Sneaker toe cap

Converse One Star Real vs Fake toe cap

The Converse toe cap plays an important role in establishing the shoe’s stability. The textile will feature leather or suede but will be integrated with a sturdy rubber to make the base exceptionally stable. The fake sneakers can no way compete with the sturdiness of the real runners. The toe cap will be fragile and less solid.

Sneaker heel tab

Converse One Star Real vs Fake heel tab

While I say look everywhere, I also mean the sneaker heel tab. No matter which iteration you pick, this fine detailing is a must. Your sneaker must have the ‘Converse One Star’ with the trademark star below the heel tab. This is embossed in a bold and clear font. If it’s genuine, it cannot be missing. It is one of the biggest signs of authenticity.

Sneaker rear side

Converse One Star Real vs Fake rear side

Almost non-debatable. The sneaker’s rear side will flaunt a proud ‘Star’ for the right amount of branding. The deal here is that the iconic die-cut star will be present, regardless of whether the sneaker is genuine or not. But the differentiation comes in quality and size. In the case of the bogus trainers, the star will be of poor quality. Also, the size will be inappropriate.

Sneaker tongue-inside

 Converse one star real vs fake Size Tag

Not just the outside, but you must inspect the sneaker tongue from the inside as well. Every model, every iteration will have a small patch on the inside of the tongue. This patch will have all the sneaker details mentioned. The shoe size, the sneaker model number, QR code, country of manufacturing, unique serial number and the shoe material. All the details will be mentioned on each of the shoes. If either of the shoes is missing it, then something is fishy. Also, the border of the tongue will have a zigzag stitch around it. In most cases, counterfeits screw up here. You will find the stitch to be a little crooked or loosely done.

Sneaker eyelets

 Converse one star real vs fake eyelets

Here’s an aspect that no one looks into. The look and feel of the sneakers are always different from the real and fake runners. Knockouts will display shiny medial eyelets. They will be stitched in an untidy way and feel loose. Like they can come off anytime. But the same will not be the case with genuine sneakers. The Converse One Star authentic sneakers will have matte-finished and neatly aligned eyelets. It won’t come off easily, even if you try to pull it out.

Sneaker stitches

 Converse one star real vs fake stitches

Running right across the shoes, the stitches play a large part in defining authenticity. Look up the image online to know if the stitches are in a contrasting shade or coordinated. And then, straight move to the quality. How immaculate is it? Does the stitch look loose or of poor quality? Ask yourself these questions, and you don’t have to look further.

Sneaker packaging

Converse one star real vs fake packaging

Fresh Converse One Star sneakers always come in a sturdy and tight box. That’s the first point. Then go ahead and look at all the details mentioned on the label, just in case counterfeits haven’t tried to replicate it. The sneaker box must have the brand logo on it, bold and clear. The side of the box must have all the details which are mentioned on the inside of the sneaker tongue – Shoe size, sneaker colour, barcode, QR code, country of manufacturing, model number, shoe material and unique serial number. Well, all the details must obviously match at both places.

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How to clean the Converse Star One runners?

Nothing spoils an outfit more than smudged and stained sneakers. Periodic cleaning is a must. Doubtlessly, your Converse One Star should look and feel good. Oh yes, even smell good. The classic sneakers are made of suede, leather and more materials. So, cleaning these silos need a proper procedure. Follow my simple and quick cleaning guide on how to clean your runners. You can feel like you are wearing a new pair every time you slip into them.

What cleaning materials are required?

  • Toothbrush
  • Laundry detergent
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Magic eraser (Optional)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Shoe brush

How to clean the Converse One Star insole?

How to clean the Converse One Star insole

Not just looking, but your sneaker insoles must always smell good. Fight the foul smell in the simplest way. Remove them completely and then begin cleaning.

  • Before you start, it will be great to air them out for a couple of minutes.
  • Since the sneaker insole is so soft, there’s no way you can think of using a hard brush. Grab a soft shoe brush and begin.
  • First, remove all the excess dirt from it.
  • Take a small or medium-sized bowl. Fill it with lukewarm water. Add about two scoops of laundry detergent to it.
  • It will be great to add a pinch of baking soda to this mixture.
  • Immerse the soft brush in the prepared solution. You are ready to start scrubbing the insoles. Remember to be gentle.
  • For obvious reasons, the heel and toe area will be more stained. So, stress more cleaning those sections.
  • Repeat the process. Let your insoles shine and sparkle.
  • Leave the insoles to air dry at room temperature.
  • You also have the option to eliminate the excess soap residue with a microfiber cloth.

The best way to clean the shoelaces

The best way to clean the shoelaces

A clean shoe with scruffy laces is such a turn-off. Cleaning them is as important. Remove the laces and then begin cleaning them.

  • Grab the bowl and prepare a cleaning mixture. You only need room temperature water and laundry detergent. You can add a dash of white vinegar if you like. Keep away the baking soda.
  • Let the laces in the solution and keep it on for some time. 15-20 minutes should be good.
  • This will help release the excess dirt without you making any effort. Half of your job is already done.
  • You can then begin scrubbing the laces with a soft brush.
  • Repeat the cleaning until required.
  • The laces will dry up on their own. Just leave it hanging.
  • Let it not tangle.

The best way to clean the sneaker upper

The best way to clean the sneaker upper

Most definitely, this requires the most cleaning and maximum time.

  • Now comes the time you can bring out the magical tools. Prepare the solution yet again with warm water and mild laundry detergent, and add on some leather conditioner and magic eraser to it.
  • Here’s the time you need to be super-mindful about the water temperature.
  • Dip the brush in the solution and cautiously clean the upper. It would be best to clean every material separately. Be gentle and do not rush it up.
  • It will be clever to run a magic eraser on it.
  • Use a toothbrush to get into the crannies. I would say it is essential to do so.
  • You can dry your sneaker with a microfiber cloth. But remember not to rub it hard.
  • Follow the same cleaning pattern for the midsole and outsole.
  • Let your runners dry out. It could take about eight hours to do so.

Some cleaning tips

  • In case you use bleach, be very careful about the quantity. Do not add more than one drop.
  • Scrubbing the sneakers can take a while. Be gentle.
  • Leather sneakers should be washed often.
  • It would be best to use a suede brush for the suede upper.
  • Keep away hot air and water. Allow your sneakers to dry at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • A stain-repellent can do wonders.
  • Avoid using the washing machine.
  • Clean the sneakers periodically.

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Converse One Star of All Times

Carhartt WIP Converse One Star Pro White Black 172551C

1. Carhartt WIP Converse One Star Pro White Black 172551C

Here’s an exclusive version built upon the brand’s core of skateboarding to provide an exceptional skate performance. The upper features multiple materials, including leather, suede and canvas, making it a deadly combination. The clean shades of stark black, cream, white and light brown make it a sneakerhead’s delight. The runners have carefully focused on detailing, and the lace edges featuring ‘Cons’, are our favourite. The fabrication of the rubber outsole and CX foam insole ensures it’s a rock-solid shoe.

Best Feature: Subtly attractive

thisisneverthat Converse One Star Poseidon 172394C

2. thisisneverthat Converse One Star Poseidon 172394C

The iteration is dressed in a nubuck build in a dark teal colourway looking the perfect night shadow. The royal runner meets some contrasting accents at the midsole unit with a black shade present on the signatory star, shoelaces and the tongue label. The low-top variant features a high foxing tape with a retro toe bumper to give an old-school aesthetic.

Best Feature: Vintage appeal

Rick Owens Converse Chuck 70 High DRKSTAR Black A00130C

3. Rick Owens Converse Chuck 70 High DRKSTAR Black A00130C

There’s no sneaker junkie in the world who hasn’t fallen for this. The classic black and white themed trainer is as versatile as it could be. It is a classic example of comfort coinciding with style. The High DRKSTAR Chuck 70 features an aforementioned rounded toe-cap with an extended tongue, flaunting a sexy appeal. The blocky sole sure adds to it.

Best Feature: Toned-down look

Converse One Star Brain Dead Egret Black 163167c

4. Converse One Star Brain Dead Egret Black 163167c

The Brain Dead team collaborates with Converse to come up with the most iconic looking sneaker. It is dressed in animal prints and hints with hues from zebra stripes, leopard and cheetah prints, and polka dots. The mismatched prints with different prints on the sidewall are attention hogging. Completely different from the rest of the Converse sneakers, these are clad with some lettering on the foxing tape. The runners are built with suede uppers, decorated with a signature cut-out star and enclasped with rubber outsoles.

Best Feature: Toned-down look

Hello Kitty Converse One Star Ox Black 162938C

5. Hello Kitty Converse One Star Ox Black 162938C

Converse collaborates with the renowned Japanese cartoon Hello Kitty, and we know how phenomenal the result is. Crafted with black premium suede, stamped with a pink star logo and debossed with a Hello Kitty bow right above it. The character is seen making an appearance on the heel, which is unmissable. The textile flaunts Hello Kitty branded laces with a prism pink polka dot sockliner aesthetics, and the fabrication is finished with a red rubber outsole to elevate the aesthetics further.

Best Feature: Beast body

Trending Converse One Star of 2021-2022

Converse One Star Ox Green 164025C

1. Converse One Star Ox Golf Le Fleur Colour Block Pack Green

The colour block green pack is ‘evergreen’. The style never seems to go out of fashion. It features a white leather upper with contrasting stitches and the designated star branding on the side walls. The contrast branding sits on the tongue as well to make the impeccable trainers look more attractive. The low-top sneaker is doused with a colourful sole to add a pop of hue. It is a simple go-to sneaker boasting some graphic elements.

Best Feature: Versatile

Converse One Star Brain Dead Egret Black 163167c

2. Converse One Star Ox Brain Dead

The Braindead iteration is inspired by the Converse archive with cues of zebra and leopard print embraced on the sneaker upper. The eye-popping kick features hairy suede on the upper and is finished with unique, different slogans on the foxing tape. The classic iconic Converse is print heavy and grabs the attention even from the far. If you are a groovy kicks collector, you cannot miss this one!

Best Feature: Quirky midsole

Converse One Star Ox Golf Le Fleur Rainbow Sole 166409C

3. Converse One Star Ox Golf Le Fleur Rainbow Sole

You cannot find anything as alluring as these rainbow soled sneakers. The special edition was conceptualised to commemorate LGBT Pride month. The upper is wrapped in a clean white premium leather without missing the signature flower motif on the side. Moving downwards, you will find the sole reason for the gargantuan popularity, and that’s the multi-coloured sole. The iconic rainbow paint midsole meets the flower pattern on the outsole.

Best Feature: Great grip

Converse One Star Ox Golf Le Fleur Velvet Brown Sugar 165599C

4. Converse One Star Ox Golf Le Fleur TTC Quilted Velvet Brown Sugar

These quilted velvet runners can take your sneaker game to the next level. They are dressed in the shade of brown sugar to make it a safe choice for most sneakerholics. The white constructed kick flaunts a white sole in contrast to the brown shade grabbing all the attention in every stride. You can literally live in these runners. They are as comfortable! Also, these sneaks come with interchangeable laces. You can choose to go for white or turquoise. How experimental are you?

Best Feature: Super comfortable

Sad Boys Converse One Star Ox Black Silver 165743C

5. Sad Boys Converse One Star Ox Black Silver 165743C

The silhouette is painted in the shades of silver, black and red to make it a versatile option. The tongue features soft leather accents to give the wearer a bit of flexibility. The ‘Wish’ letting by blade accentuates the aesthetics. Heading backwards, the runners scream the ‘Sad Boys’ branding on the rubber outsole and heel tab. The Converse low-top variant bags an award for the distressed silver foil finish.

Best Feature: Vibrant

Celebrities in Converse One Star

The days of celebrities swooning over heels have surpassed us. We love how smashing and comfortable they look in sneakers. While we are so used to watching them wearing BIG names, they sometimes surprise us with folk-friendly brands. Right now, they are surely giving us some serious summer fashion goals. Let me take you through the celeb sneaker arcade. Some of them are smartly flaunting an eco-chic vibe.

Olivia Rodrigo worn by Converse one star

Image Credit: oliviarodrigo/Instagram & SSENSE

American singer Olivia Rodrigo poses in front of Buckingham Palace and breaks the internet with her picture. She wears her black suede Converse One Star sneaker with retro Paul Gaultier jeans and a Marc Jacobs logo tee. The stunner was out and about in London straight out of a spice girls theme.

SZA worn by Converse one star

Image Credit: nicekicks.com

Another rockstar, SZA, has always nailed it with her sneaker game. She flaunted a pair of pink Golf Le Fleur x Converse One Star at the Coachella and teamed it with a shimmery bodycon dress. Her fashion game has always been distinct, and she proved it again by layering it with a shirt.

LeBron James worn by Converse one star

Image Credit: nicekicks.com

LeBron James is a big sneakerhead, and we are not surprised to see him climb the Converse ladder. The dashing basketeer was spotted in the Brain Dead x Converse One Star, wearing black from head to toe with a well-fitted jacket. The wacky head was walking, holding another pair of sneakers in his hand.

 worn by Converse one star

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

And when the Creator wears it, it definitely makes waves. ChuckTyler wore the stunning One Star in Los Angeles with a sweater vest and loose fitted pants. The rapper looked like a rockstar.

Chuck Tyler worn by Converse one star

Image Credit: gq.com 

Although the runners are less popular than the older cousin – All Star, they have made a place in Tyler’s shoedrobe. Before dropping his own sneaker line with Converse, he was often spotted in the One Star. The fashion icon picked a stunning and beautiful shade, lilac.

And then there were glimpses of many veterans like Leo Mandella, Millie Bobby Brown, Kenny Anderson, Rune Glifberg, Sean Pablo, and Hiroshi Fujiwara wearing the Converse One Star and adding to the popularity.

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Wrapping Up

There’s nothing that should hold you back from stepping into these beauties. Like said before, Converse was the first shoe to enter the court and is yet pretty much there. With every comeback, the sneakers have raised the bar higher. It took a while, but the brand did understand the requirements of sneakerheads to be functional and fashionable at once. These high spirited kicks are now desired by all – athletes, celebrities and snappy dressers. The understated nature has made the shoes an everyday staple, and there’s no denying it.

If there’s any platform that provides a complete guide on the shoe, that’s Fast Sole. From the release dates, sneaker cleaning tips, style game, celebrity tales, bestsellers and the sneaker journey, of course, you have it all here. We have unwrapped all the details you have been longing for, and it’s time you get on your pick.

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