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Nike Air Jordan 12: A Complete Guide

14 March 2023


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Jordan 12: A Complete Guide featured image

And if there’s any sneaker line that’s thriving by the day, it’s definitely the Nike Air Jordan.

Once again, the designer Tinker Hatfield was brought into the design team at the time of Nike Air Jordan 12. Being basketball oriented shoes, the genius man incorporated high-end technology without compromising the design even by a pinch. He was so unconventional with his thought process that he drew his inspiration from the Japanese ‘Rising Sun’ flag emblem. The beauty of the runners is in the minimal aesthetics, but we will get to that later. In contrast, the Nike Air Jordan 12 is recognized as one of the most noticeable basketball sneakers; if you closely watch the game on your big screen.

What’s super interesting is that the trainers were named the controversial ‘Flue sneakers’, and there’s an enthralling story behind it. Originally released in 1996, post the mammoth success in 1997, the Jordan brand was acknowledged as one of the most profitable sneaker brands globally.

Micheal surely changed how people perceived basketball sneakers. The emergence of totemic trainers Air Jordan 1 followed by the elephant print engraved Air Jordan 3, and let’s not miss the patent leather introduced by the Air Jordan 11. The fashionable shoe line is definitely a grail for sneakerheads. The release of AJ 12 only added to the fame and Jordan stardom. Let’s know-how!

The Journal of Nike Air Jordan 12

Let me begin with a bang. Micheal wore these stunners when he won his fifth championship. Every time MJ has a good backstory to the runners, they become historic. And that’s exactly what happened here as well.

Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls 1997 NBA Finals

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

On the morning of the 1997 NBA Finals game against the Utah Jazz, Michael was running a 103-degree temperature with flu-like symptoms. Battling sickness and exhaustion, everyone was unsure if he would have the required energy on the court. To much surprise, Micheal managed to pour in 38 points along with 7 rebounds. This also included the go-ahead three-pointers with a remaining time span of 25 seconds in the game. MJ could barely walk back to the bench, but that’s when all the eyeballs were gazing at his Black/Red colourway of Air Jordan XI. All the eyes were on Micheals’s feet, and that’s when there was an iconic shot by his teammate Scottie Pippen.

Air Jordan 12 Flue Game Unarguably, this was MJ’s one of the most strenuous game nights, and it made a significant mark in his career. Well, now you know from the name ‘Flu games’ and ‘Flu sneakers’ have been derived. But the story of fame is not over yet. On that day, Pippen dumped his own Max air system and switched to the AJ12.

1996-1997 season saw a massive reveal of five Air Jordan 12 colourways

The initial release saw a white and black colourway broadcast, popularly known as Taxi. 1997 saw a major rollout of four more colourways, including the ‘Flu Games’. So the 1996-1997 season saw a massive reveal of five Air Jordan XII colourways. The AJ12 was first retroed in 2003 with the ‘Black/White/University Blue’ colourway in restricted quantities. The first retro editions of the exclusive online release were sold out in no time. The 2004 retro release introduced the low-top versions of the Air Jordan 12. This included twelve more colourways entailing the original black/red colourway and the ‘French Blue’ version. The year also saw a release of the women’s edition of UNC/Melo PE. Later these silhouettes dropped in women’s editions. The year 2008 had a release of the final countdown package. And that’s when the previous hyped ‘Taxi’ divulged in the low-top version.

Air Jordan 12 Retro Low-Top

When 2009 saw the second mark of retro releases, the earlier ‘Nubuck’ version was re-released along with three more colourways. And let’s not skip the return of the black/red colourway, galvanized by the ‘Flu Game’ but this time with nubuck upper. The sneakers were definitely released in honour of MJ’s performance. And then it certainly wasn’t easy on Jordan fans. They had to patiently wait for three years for the third sprint of AJ 12. 2012 made available three releases in the retro low-top versions. And that’s the magnificent history of fashion-forward sneakers.

Unspoken Truth about the Nike Air Jordan 12

The journey of Jordan 12 has made a benchmark place in the story of the signature brand. Of course, the design is masterful, but many more trademarks have made AJ12 so legendary. Big fame always lies in the small details.

  • The Jordan 12 was the first to feature the Zoom Air with a full-length unit wrapped in a phylon midsole from the heel to the toe.
  • The Swoosh logo has been a Jordan monogram seen in all the predecessors. Also, the AJ 7 – 11 have been graciously engraved with the logo on the insole. But the AJ 12 has been the first to not have a Swoosh anywhere on the sneaker.
  • Most of the sneakers from the 12th edition have a high contrasting look.
  • It is the last one to come in the Nike branded box.
  • The Jordan 12 sneakers replaced the full-grain leather with nubuck leather.
  • In a true sense, Air Jordan 12 was started with a woman’s fashion shoe from the 19th century called ‘Nisshoki’. And that’s the story behind the high heels.
  • The sneakers gained massive popularity because of the ‘Flu Game’.
  • Not just Michael, but a remarkable chunk of the Chicago Bulls wore the Air Jordan 12.
  • Scottie Pippen switched from his Max Air system to AJ 12, which largely added to the fame of the sneaker line.
  • The Jordan sole represents the bones of a fish.
  • Interestingly, Michael gifted his treasured sneakers, worn to the Flu Game, to a Utah Jazz ball boy. You will be flabbergasted to know the value, which was a whopping $104,000.
  • Not every story on the AJ12 paradise was rosy. People complained of a lack of ventilation.

Air Jordan 12 Variations

The prestigious brand has branched out in two different variations, and each of them is significantly different from another. Let’s discuss the loops of it.

Nike Air Jordan 12 Low

Air Jordan 12 Low

The Nike Air Jordan 12 low is surprisingly bulky yet so sleek. The material, traction, cushioning, lockdown, fit and support is on point. It is brilliantly crafted to satisfy all the on and off-court requirements. Speaking about the cushioning, it is absolutely uncompromised and matches the parameters of the high top version. So, the comfort level is as superior as it could get. Needless to say, there’s a full-length zoom air unit, phylon midsole and a carbon fibre spring plate to improvise on the responsiveness.

The lockdown of AJ 12 low is also spot on. The lacing system locks the foot securely. The carbon fibre shank is incorporated to provide lateral support and enhanced stability to the midfoot. The stitch of the low variant resembles the glint of the rising sun and features the lizard inspired print on the leather overlays.

Nike Air Jordan 12 High

Air Jordan 12 High

These swoosh style sneakers are power-packed performers. The high variant features a durable rubber outsole accompanied by a herringbone traction pattern. This works amazingly well to enhance the grip on every surface. Like the AJ 12 low, this edition features a carbon fibre spring plate to inflate the responsiveness. There’s a full-length zoom airbag only to provide lightweight cushioning.

The material of the AJ12 may vary depending upon the colourway. But the leather incorporates perforations for breathability. Find the lizard print design, sun rays like stitch and the ‘TWO 3’ signatory emblem here as well.

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Five Reasons why you should buy the Nike Air Jordan 12

1. High heels

Air Jordan 12 Heels

Michael definitely did not bother if the cues were from women’s shoes. He did something super interesting by incorporating high heels. He did not bother grabbing intimation and got massively inspired by feminine shoes from the 19th century. It was incorporated keeping an optimal performance in mind.

2. Distinctive looking sole

Air Jordan 12 Sole

AJ 12 certainly stands out from the rest of the Jordans with its distinctive-looking sole. The rectangle arrangement looks unique but what it does is even better. It is ideally a herringbone pattern incorporated to swell up traction, and this is much needed when you are at high speed while running or playing.

3. Not just sneakers

Air Jordan 12 Style

Jordan 12 are not just sneakers; they are a lifestyle statement. You can style them with a basic t-shirt or hoodie and still look so ravishing. The runners are capable of making your joggers also look so glamorous. They are bold and beautiful. Show them off at your gym, on a running track, at your game or even at a party. They look stunning everywhere.

4. Best on-court performer

Air Jordan 12 Best on-court

Even by today’s standards, the Air Jordan 12 is the best on-court performer. The full-length Zoom Air cushioning and the infused carbon fibre torsional shank helps the shoe absorb every movement and get a hold of itself.

5. Most comfortable Jordan

Air Jordan 12 Most comfortable

Acclaimed by the wearers, Air Jordan 12 is one of the most comfortable Jordan ever. The sneakers fit like a glove, and the high-top collar works towards providing exceptional support. Well, it also won the title of being a legit hoop shoe.

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The Making of Nike Air Jordan 12

Making of Nike Air Jordan 12

In the modern era of sneakers, the Nike Air Jordan 12 fits in beautifully even 25 years after the release. Well, they are called iconic for a reason. And the fabrication plays a major role in making this signature sneaker line so historic.

To begin with, AJ12 is thoroughly different from the previous Jordans in every way. The updated model has a lot of additional detailing. The gold accents are no more restricted to the heel, and the eye stays. Many high-top models have it extended until the midsole with the JUMPMAN embossed on it.

Tinker Hatfield also did something splendid and unique this time. Like I mentioned, he drew his inspiration from the Japanese ‘Rising Sun’ flag emblem. He translated the essence of the bold motif profoundly into the large solid leather panel. This was extended from the midfoot to the toe subtly. The lines were then stitched, running across the upper beautifully. This high contrast look makes the sneakers unmissable even from a far off distance.

AJ 12 is the first to incorporate the zoom air mechanism. It features a full-length unit wrapped in a phylon midsole, and it leaves no patch and extends well from the heel to the toe. This mechanism makes the silhouettes ultra responsive. The medial and lateral support panels design is like icing on the cake. All of it together worked towards making the sneakers ultra durable.

The runners were wrapped in a carbon fibre midfoot support shank. What’s even more interesting is the inspiration of the Sole. Tinker derived his inspiration from the Black Panther and designed the Sole resembling the pads on a panther’s paw. He also engulfed a modified herringbone pattern for enhanced resistance. Micheal is big on fashion, and so he knows women are too. He was highly influenced by the high heel shoe design, and therefore he infused it in these Jordan sneakers.

These Jordans feature a clean yet classy look about the sneaker upper. It has a rich leather upper which is immaculately stitched and running through the sneaker base. Let’s not skip the accent overlays and toe area, which comprises the faux reptile leather.

Here’s a special mention of the signatory Jumpman logo on the tongue. But what tags along with it is the slogan ‘TWO 3’ down the tongue. This smart move by the designer is sure to attract any sneakerhead.

Is Nike Air Jordan 12 comfortable?

Air Jordan 12 a true comfort

The majority of the Jordan fans are claiming AJ 12 to be one of the most comfortable sneakers from the Jordan paradise.

So, you can get ready to grace every step you take with all the support provided by the Jordans. The beast is called the on-court tanks for a reason. The arch support in the Jordan 12 is exceptional. You can wear it while playing any sport or simply for your run. The infusion of solid rubber plays a pivotal role in providing great friction. And that adds to the comfort level because the sneakers give a sense of security to the wearer.

We are so much in awe of the full-length zoom air unit that we can’t stop raving about it. This continuous airbag on the feet feels so blissful. You can live in your sneakers all day and not feel a thing. You can go for a run and feel like you are on your way to conquer the world. You can feel like a champion on the field even before winning the game. Not kidding; that’s how comfortable these silhouettes are.

The sneakers high top collar adds to the comfort and provides a responsive cushion like no other. Well, these chunky trainers may feel very weighty on the feet with the look of it, but surprisingly, it’s not. I would rather say they have the right amount of weight required for the feel to remain rugged.

One of the major drawbacks with these Jordans is the lack of ventilation. Tinker has incorporated some mesh on the tongue to meet the ventilation requirements, but sadly, it’s been a fallout. This parameter dolefully hampers the sneaker comfort to an extent.

Is Nike Air Jordan 12 True to Size?

Air Jordan 12 Size Guide

I am not going to beat around the bush. Let’s get straight to the point. In most cases, these silhouettes fit true to the size. The leather stretches in a bit for the feet to feel comfortable and cosy. The mesh wraps around the feet to give the toes extra flex.

Once you slip in them and lace them up perfectly, they will fit just right. But in case you prefer a really snug fit, you can consider going half a size down, and I would recommend doing that only if you have hobh feet. In the case of wide feet, please stick to the original size.

If the leather retains its shape, the fit is a bang on.

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How to Spot the real Nike Air Jordan 12?

How to spot the difference between the real and fake Nike Air Jordan 12? Yes, I am here to help you identify them in only a few minutes. It’s easy and uncomplicated, and you can be a master at it right away!

1. Metal lace hooks

Air Jordan 12 Metal lace hooks

The Air Jordan 12 high variants feature a metal lace hook with the Jumpman logo embossed. The lace hook attachment must be immaculately connected, and the embossing must have sharp edges.

2. High-quality stitch

Air Jordan 12 High Quality Stitch

Counterfeits will always fall short here. A high-quality stitch is really hard to replicate. The real Jordan will always flaunt an exceptional stitch quality, and it will be straight-lined, tight, evenly placed, and precise. Also, the stitch must be thick and fit deep into the shoes. There’s no way fake ones can match up to the standards of the real ones.

3. Check the toe tips

Air Jordan 12 toe tips

The toe tips of the silhouettes are one important aspect to factor in. It will feature a Jumpman logo accompanied by the number ’23’. It must be debossed into the rubber nimbly and must have honed edges. There’s more to look into the toe area. The counterfeits will have the toe box looking obnoxiously inflated. This gets quite obvious and easy to spot.

4. Sole pattern

Air Jordan 12 Sole pattern

The Nike Air Jordan 12 features a peculiar sole pattern with a carbon fibre section beneath the top rubber layer. The sole must definitely be of high quality, also prim and proper. The carbon fibre portion must be visible enough and not look like a paint depiction.

5. Inspect the midsole

Air Jordan 12 Midsole JUMPMAN text

One thing’s certain; you will find the JUMPMAN text on the midsole, whether it is real or fake. Authentic trainers will have the text looking thin and less wide. But the fake ones will have it exceptionally wide and thick.

6. Look over Jordan’s tongue

Air Jordan 12 tongue

Definitely, the Jordan tongue will have the Jumpman logo on it. But it will look distinctively different on the fake one compared to the real. You will need no time even to spot the difference. The fake Jordan will have the Jumpman arm looking too thin and the body looking stout. So the entire framework will look disproportionate.

7. Heel tab

Air Jordan 12 heel tab

It’s time to get to the heel tab. That minor section also has some substantial detailing onto it. Find the Jumpman logo embroidered on the heel tab, followed by the Jordan label and then the no ’23’ connecting to the midsole. All of the details must be neatly crafted with no flaws whatsoever.

8. Size Tag

Air Jordan 12 size tag

The size tag is a pivotal indication of authenticity. The tag comprises a lot of details. Let me tell you the ones you must look into. Check the date print on the right side of the tag; the fake one will look very thin compared to the real ones. Then get to the serial number of the sneakers. It will be placed in the middle of the tag and inconsistently printed in the fake Jordans. The bonafide AJ12 will have it looking thick. Then the last aspect you must look into is ‘MADE IN CHINA’ and ‘FABRIQUE EN CHINE’. The authentic sneakers will have the text proportionately printed with proper spacing between each other.

9. Shoe Box

Air Jordan 12 Shoe Box

Though this may be the first thing you would look into. Before you access the sneakers, you will have your eyes on the shoe box. The Air Jordan 12 box must be sturdy enough and will feature the Jumpman logo on the side and the lid. The size and the colour will vary depending upon the sneaker style. The box will also possess the most important details like the style number, shoe size, colour and country of manufacture. The style number will always be in 9 digits.

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How to style the Nike Air Jordan 12?

Low or high? If you are of the opinion that you could rock all of the Air Jordan 12 the same way, you are sadly mistaken. Styling tips for both of them remain poles apart. There are no thumb rules for styling the Jordans, but let’s keep it distinct.

How to style the Nike Air Jordan 12 low?

Air Jordan 12 Low Style

The best part about the AJ 12 low is that they are super versatile. They can fit your look for a laid back summer afternoon and rock your winter evening attire as well.

Don’t be afraid to slay them with your baggy pants. And that’s the best part about these bottoms. You would never look underdressed or overdressed. Well, if you love wacky styling, team these pants with a fitted polo neck striped t-shirt. Hey, baggy pants are not just for men. They can make any woman look stylish and chic. Wear them with a tank top or be clever and tuck in your blouse. Your slim waist will be accentuated, and your AJ 12 will look even more flamboyant.

How to style the Nike Air Jordan 12 high-top?

Air Jordan 12 high-top Style

If you are not flaunting them enough, you are doing the whole style game wrong. The best way to rock your summer afternoon in these heartbreakers is to walk out in a simple and comfortable pair of shorts. You can simply pair them with a hoodie or a solid colour buttoned shirt. Trust me that will look super classy. The biggest DON’T for a high-top sneaker is to have a no-sock show. So pull up your socks in a mismatched print. Let them clash with your trainers, and that will look even sexier!

But if shorts are not your scene, you can go the other way as well. Show your lace-up sneakers as much as you can by slipping on some tapered pants. You have all the freedom in the world to choose your desired top wear. Keep it baggy or fitted; choose your style. Keep it subtle or vibrant; choose your colour. But stick to keeping it narrow and diminished at the bottom.

And here’s a style tip in both cases. Walk out wearing a wardrobe essential – A Jordan retro cap. You are sure to look illustrious.

How to care for Nike Air Jordan 12?

Air Jordan 12 Cleaning Process

Clean your Jordans like a crazy sneakerhead you are! Part of loving them is to ensure they look fresh as ever! You have probably spent enough money on your laundry shoe cleaning and are unhappy with the results. Well, here are some easy ways to clean your silos at home with minimum time and fewer resources, of course!

How to clean white Nike Air Jordan 12 laces?

  • Before you begin deep cleaning them, loosen up all the dirt from the top layer. This initial step will help in cleaning from the roots.
  • Bleach is an amazing cleaning agent, and we are all aware of it. Take two tablespoons of bleach, not more. Remember to put on your gloves.
  • Take a mesh laundry bag and put the laces in it to dodge tangling.
  • Grab a clean bucket with some water and bleach.
  • Use a spoon to agitate the laces in the solution. Let this process go on for a few minutes.
  • If your water has got very dirty and you want to continue cleaning the laces, change the water and repeat the process.

How to clean coloured Nike Air Jordan 12 laces?

  • The thumb rule to clean coloured laces is to keep away bleach.
  • Eradicate all the dried-on dirt from the upper surface with your hands before cleaning the laces.
  • You require the same cleaning essentials just mentioned above. Replace the bleach with mild liquid soap, which can do the drill.
  • Dip the laces in this solution and let it be for some time.
  • Use a spoon or a spatula to stir the laces.
  • Remove the laces after a while and check if it has become sparkling clean.
  • If not, change the water and repeat the process.

How to clean leather Nike Air Jordan 12 laces?

  • Leather laces are delicate. So, you cannot use the same cleaning method as mentioned above.
  • Skip the bleach and liquid soap. Just make use of warm water.
  • Dip the laces in the water and let it rest for a while.
  • After a few minutes, you will find all the dirt released from the laces. Pull them out and wipe them with a cloth.
  • Places the laces aside and leave it to air dry.
  • Once done, run some coconut oil to the laces. This can be magical and retrieve back the shine.

How to clean Nike Air Jordan 12 insoles?

  • If your sneaker insoles are smelly, leave them to air out for a while.
  • Grab a soft brush and clean off all the dirt and mud from the sneakers.
  • Grab a clean bucket and fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Add some liquid detergent to the water.
  • Dip the soft bristle brush in the liquid and scrub the insoles gently.
  • Emphasize more on the stained areas – heels and toe. Due to sweating, these sections get terribly blotched.
  • Don’t soak the insoles in the water.
  • Once it’s clean, use a microfibre cloth to dry out soap residue.

How to clean Nike Air Jordan 12 uppers?

  • Add some drops of the sneaker cleaning serum to a bowl filled with water.
  • Immerse the soft bristle brush to this solution and then move it over the Jordan upper in a circular motion.
  • Get your hands on a hard brush if you find stubborn stains. Scrub them back and forth to eradicate all the stuck grime.
  • Make use of a toothbrush to clean the cracks and crannies.

What things to keep away while cleaning the Nike Air Jordan 12?

Well, it’s a small list, but it deserves your utmost attention. Your sneakers will sparkle if you let them, and you are solely responsible for this.

  • Keep away from hot water.
  • Keep away from the washing machine.
  • Keep away harsh chemicals.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep away ruthless brushes.

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Nike Air Jordan 12 of All Times

Jordan 12 OG Taxi - 1997

1. Jordan 12 OG Taxi (1997): Nothing can look as enticing as the runners sitting in your shoedrobe waiting for you to slip in them. The black and white colourway has gold accents popping up from the lacing eyelets making the sneaker look even more attractive. It has a stitched leather radiating outward like the sun rays, which beautifully extends until the shoe’s arch. Also, the embossed lizard skin around the midsole is like a cherry on the top.

Best Feature: Solid construction

Air Jordan 12 Retro Gamma Blue Black 130690-027

2. Jordan 12 Retro Gamma Blue: These Jordan silos are as bright as they can get. It features a vibrant tone on the outsole, midsole and mudguard. The signatory rising sun flag upper is dressed in clean black nubuck. The eye-catchy gym red accents pop up in the Jumpman logo, and the heel tab makes a magnificent branding. And you definitely won’t miss the number ’23’ taking centre stage.

Best Feature: Great grip

Air Jordan 12 OVO White Metallic Gold 873864-102

3. Jordan 12 Retro OVO White: You can positively arrest these sneakers for being too classy. It follows the style of the OVO Air Jordan 12 retro presenting the white and gold colourway. The silos are ready to shower the wearer with immense grace and sophistication. The white leather upper is combined with textured stingray skin overlays and gold accents. The branding is seen extending on the translucent sole, which makes the sneakers even more illustrious.

Best Feature: Chic and Versatile

Air Jordan 12 Retro Rising Sun White 130690-163B

4. Jordan 12 Retro Rising Sun (Banned Insoles): Taking everything at face value, this retro rendition is crafted with brilliance. The retro rising sun is a real personification of Japan’s rising sun flag. The runners flaunt a pleated leather upper and watch them beautifully fulminate over the mudguard.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Air Jordan 12 OG Cherry 1997 White Varsity Red 130690-161

5. Jordan 12 OG Cherry (1997): Here’s one of the most pleasant and spruce colourways flaunting the varsity red, black, white with a bit of silver explosions. The design features a premium upper in white leather accompanied by a red lizard print on the mudguard. What’s even more fascinating is that these silos ditch the ’23’ number and instead spell out ‘TWO 3’.

Best Feature: Micheal Jordan’s favourite

Nike Air Jordan 12 of 2021

Air Jordan 12 Twist White Red CT8013-106

1. Air Jordan 12 Twist White Red CT8013-106: The twisted red and white beauty is a classic colour scheme you can never go wrong with. Find some black highlights and gold accents throughout to make the silos look even more dashing. It possesses white premium leather upper, red hues touching the socks lines, and black accents emphasizing the heel tab that can immensely level up your sneaker game.

Best Feature: Cosy fit

Resale Value: £215.50

Air Jordan 12 Utility Black DC1062-006

2. Air Jordan 12 Utility Black DC1062-006: Here’s a black beauty we cannot stop raving about. The stunning sneakers ditches the lizard pattern leather and feature a nubuck mudguard. Its dark tumbled leather can get all the attention for the right reasons. The mesh construction of the tongue in the pitch dark shade complements the whole very well. The matte silver eye stays, and the light bluish grey outsole gets the sneaker all the attention it deserves.

Best Feature: Chunky feels

Resale value: £180.00

Air Jordan 12 Royalty Taxi Suede CT8013-170

3. Air Jordan 12 Royalty Taxi Suede CT8013-170: Dressed in a gorgeous combination of black, white and metallic gold, these runners can be arrested for looking too royal. Made in luxurious white leather, the stunner is wrapped in a black sole unit featuring a black suede toe overlay. Gold pop-ups on the tongue, heel tabs and mudguard can fascinate any sneakerhead convincingly.

Best Feature: Classic and versatile

Resale Value: £269.99

Air Jordan 12 Low Super Bowl LV Bred Metallic Gold DC1059-001

4. Air Jordan 12 Low Super Bowl LV Bred Metallic Gold DC1059-001: These Jordan trainers are as bold as they can get. The black upper contrasts swiftly with a bright red forefoot panel and midsoles underfoot. To follow a one-tone theme, the heel, tongue and laces, dress in pitch black and look lordly. So, show off your moves with these silos on your feet and rule the sneaker game like no other.

Best Feature: Futuristic cushioning

Resale Value: £223.23

Air Jordan 12 Low Easter White DB0733-190

5. Air Jordan 12 Low Easter White DB0733-190: If you are not a traditional sneaker lover, these classic silos are your go-to. The superior looking white leather with its matching overlays flaunts an embroidered branding on the tongue. It is well accompanied by complementing laces and subtly contrasted with ice outsoles and a prominent rear tag on the heel tab. These dope like trainers are surely the epitome of sophistication.

Best Feature: Sturdy

Resale value: £150.00

Celebrity Tales in Nike Air Jordan 12

These silhouettes are a star in themselves. Athletes love performing in them; the A-listers love flaunting them. To tell you the truth, these sneakers have the potential to make you feel like a fashionista at any given point. And so we are not surprised to watch everyone drooling over them.

Sofia Richie spotted with Air Jordan 12

Image Credit: starstyle.com

Fashion designer, Social media personality or a fashion monger; what do we call her? Sofia Richie keeps it simple yet slays it all the time. The chic woman stepped out in Capri jogger pants and teamed it with a Virgil Abloh Back Marble sweatshirt, and of course, her AJ 12 Retro Black/White-Metallic Gold leather trainers flashed but in a subtle way. Her fashion was on point, and she didn’t skip her Dior sunglasses.

American singer Layton Greene sure needs no introduction. She has always been a trendsetter, and her sneaker collection has all eyes on it. The 21-year-old is definitely feeling her blues. She looks ravishing in a navy tie-dye jumpsuit and her royal Jordans. If looks could kill, we would be dead right away!

Luc Longley spotted with air jordan 12

The forgotten member of the NBA – Luc Longley, deserved more credit than he ever received. But he definitely benefited big time from being associated with Michael Jordan in terms of championship ring and, of course, the footwear. He was often spotted in his treasured Air Jordan 12s.

Well, style may not be a true companion to Bill Wennington. But his sneaker game has always been insane. We are familiar with his Nike kicks all throughout his basketball career. But the Jordan 12 and 3 championship rings have been like soulmates.

Allen Iverson Spotted with Air Jordan 12

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

And we cannot end this without mentioning one of the biggest crossovers in NBA history. Allen Iverson went 1-on-1 and twice at the top of the key while making his jumper over his Airness. Years later, the Jordan brand decided to honour AI with a special edition from the French Blue colourway and embossed his no ‘3’ and last name ‘Iverson’ on the bottom heel.

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Wrapping up

These runners are definitely stunners! Hey, that just synced. But what I do need in sync right now is your fashion game. Well, that’s not a task.

Grab on one of these iconic trainers from Tinker and Michael to keep your sneaker score high. Yes, it’s a rat race, and you must be leading.

Our Air Jordan 12 guide was everything you ever needed, isn’t it? Fast Sole is the first to announce sneaker updates. You surely don’t wanna miss any of the exciting deals. Let these splendid sneakers in your shoedrobe right away.

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