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Nike Air Jordan 11: A Complete Guide

14 March 2023


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Jordan 11: A Complete Guide featured image

With the emergence of this iconic footwear, Michael Jordan’s renowned signature sneaker line gained a never seen before cult-like following.

But the strange part is that the 11th edition was earlier considered a scapegrace in the Jordan family. The silhouettes possessed some offbeat elements and unconventional artistry yet made it to the string of the world’s most recognized and collectable sneakers. Despite the non-traditional sneaker look, Nike Air Jordan 11 attracted fans worldwide and made a phenomenal appearance in the movie Space Jam. But hey, isn’t that the power of Michael Jordan? Truth be told, they happen to be one of Michael’s blue-eyed boys as well.

Regardless of lacking the interlocked blocking of AJ1 and AJ3 and the absence of technical aspects of AJ4 and AJ5, AJ 11 still made a significant mark in the history of sneakers. Was that a miracle or the result of MJ mania? Or are the bizarre aesthetics super attractive? Let’s find out!

The Diary Of Nike Air Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11 Sketch

The story of Nike Air Jordan 11 is enthralling for various reasons, but one major being the journey of these coveted kicks began when Michael was about to retire from the game of basketball. So, there was definitely an unspoken pressure on the witty brain for keeping up to the top class designs even when he was off the court. But this is just one of the many reasons why the inception of AJ11 is monumental in the sneaker culture.

Air Jordan 11 Sketch

Michael Jordan laying in the Chicago Bulls locker after his victory

Have you checked out the phenomenal image of Michael Jordan laying in the Chicago Bulls locker after his victory in the fourth NBA championship in 1996? Yes, in that NBA season, Michael was all over the news for countless reasons. MJ competed against Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway in unexampled patent leather sneakers. The white and black Jordan 11 colourway sneakers shocked the NBA as they were at odds with the dress code. The consequences were definitely not in MJ’s favour as he was heavily fined and sent home early. Eventually, Michael switched back to the number 23 and unveiled black sneakers from the collection.

Space Jam Film MJ and Air Jordan 1

MJ spotted the chucklesome Air Jordan 11 throughout Summer while filming the movie ‘Space Jam’. These stunners straight away became a status symbol in the sneaker culture and were highly admired by Jordan fans. MJs exemplary play and the impeccable sneaker design grabbed all the eyeballs.

Tinker Hatfield the designer of Air Jordan 11

Erstwhile Nike designer Ken Black was the art director for Air Jordan 11 and was also a crucial part of the meetings that involved MJ and Tinker Hatfield. Oh yes, Tinker was the designer for AJ 11 as well, and he wanted to create something that MJ would flaunt on and off-court. And if you look at AJ 11, it does have a formal look. But we will come to the design part later.

Air Jordan 11 Sketch

The entire designing team hand-crafted and illustrated its nitty-gritty on the presentation board for Michael to see. The paradigm involved the function and feel of the shoe completely. Michael was, obviously, sold on every little detail about the trainers, and the transition of 1995 to 1996 saw a wide release of Air Jordan 11s.

Some staggering secrets of Nike Air Jordan 11

The Air Jordan 11 Basics

Nike Air Jordan 11 capitalized popularity for not just one reason. The trainers are a grail for many Jordan lovers, and the sneaker series is now a saga. And the little secrets play a major role in the fame. So, let’s unveil them.

  • Air Jordan 11 are the first basketball shoes to feature patent leather.
  • Micheal broke into the game of basketball as an honour to his father. The demise of MJs father was one of the reasons for Michaels early retirement announcement. But eventually returned to basketball before the big reveal of AJ 11.
  • In the 1995 playoffs, MJ insisted on wearing the AJ 11 samples even though Nike wasn’t convinced with the idea.
  • Jordan 11 incorporated technology to make the sneakers lighter compared to their predecessors.
  • MJ wore just one colourway from the 11th edition in the entire 95-96 season.
  • Fellow collector Cory Takahashi has scored 99 pairs of Air Jordan 11s.
  • Hatfield wanted to create a tough sneaker.
  • The first retro run debuted in the ‘Space Jam’. And post that, they became a staple for the holiday season.
  • The low top versions changed the entire Jordan 11 game. The brand introduced a whole new design strategy.
  • Reported Ahmad Rashad helped promote the Jordan 11, wittily.
  • The launch of the Air Jordan 11 Retro right before Christmas caused pandemonium in the malls to the extent that few were arrested for causing inconvenience.

Six Reasons why you should buy the Nike Air Jordan 11

Chic and Contemporary Aesthetics

Chic and Contemporary Aesthetics

Here’s one defining element of the silhouettes, and that’s the aesthetics. It’s chic; it’s contemporary, it’s super stylish. The characteristic of patent leather is far from being shiny and scores very high on durability. The high-quality leather is scratch-resistant and can curve without cracking. Tinker Hatfield revealed the inspiration was from the lawnmower exhilarating a tough bottom edge. And that’s why the designer placed the patent leather around the whole bottom.

Jumpman everywhere

Air Jordan 11 Jumpman everywhere

If you love flaunting your Jumpman, these Jordans are meant for you. Not one, but you can find the stunning logo in multiple spots. Some of the models have the Jumpman stitched on the lateral side of the heel and embossed on the mid outsole. You will also find it flashing on the ankle collar. The tongue of the sneaker sure displays the Jumpman Jordan.

High performer

High performer Air Jordan 11Image Credit: weartesters.com

The runners score very high on the performance aspect, and that’s because of the technology incorporated. The air unit inside the lightweight Phylon foam provides exceptional cushioning. These sneakers also house a full-length airbag and are fashioned with circular breathers to perform exceptionally well. This mechanism allows the runner to bend and flex beautifully to give enough support to the wearer and the sneaker structure.

Great grip

Air Jordan 11 It's one hell of a fabrication

Image Credit: weartesters.com

Although you could expect this from any Jordans, the Jordan 11 is fabricated, so you are in for a real treat. The trainers provide phenomenal traction with all its assemblage. The outsole features two types of patterns and rubbers. One is the solid rubber in the heel and forefoot areas with a traditional and close-knit herringbone pattern. The second is the clear rubber which features a curved and less packed herringbone pattern. It’s one hell of a fabrication.

Accurate sizing

Air Jordan 11 Accurate in size

What’s better than the sneakers being true to your size, isn’t it? The lace-up runners fit just like you would like them to. Mesh uppers come in contact with nylon strips, and that helps the sneakers stretch. Once you tie up the laces, these strips clench to the feet and provide a secure and tight fit.

Material Matters

Image Credit: weartesters.com

We will soon thereafter discuss the nitty-gritty of the material, but in a nutshell, the Jordan 11 fabrication is splendid and magnificent. The technicality of the sneakers involves high-quality elements. And that’s responsible for the sneakers being durable and high performers.

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The Making of Nike Air Jordan 11

The Nike Air Jordan 11 stands out in the crowd in this competitive sneaker lore with its magnificent making. If you look at these silos from a distance, you may find them simple, but the intricacies are a lot more than what you can imagine. And the beauty of the 11th edition is that they are the first of many!

Making of Nike Air Jordan 11Image Credit: weartesters.com

Hatfield is called a genius for a reason. He observed some of the basketball sneakers and noticed that they were excessively flexible. Though you may feel that’s a plus point, it can also have some negative consequences. It would cause athletes to over flex, which didn’t work in their favour. So, the wise man incorporated a full-length carbon fibre plate to leverage high-speed footage and provide the right amount of flex. The mechanism also helped develop a bit of stiffness which was essential.

it also served amazingly on performanceImage Credit: weartesters.com

Then came the signatory patent leather on the cleat. It was not just shiny but also sophisticated. It brought luxury to the Jordan entity, but it also served amazingly on performance. Thanks to its rigid nature, it provided enhanced support to the wearer.

Jordan 11 also features an eccentric ballistic nylon upper. The high-quality nylon makes the sneakers durable and gives users extra comfort for going camping for hours. The upper also sui generis speed lacing mechanism amidst nylon webbing loops. The insight was straight from the horse- MJ, who only aimed at making wearers comfortable.

Air Jordan 11 full-length air unitImage Credit: weartesters.com

Mesh is definitely a 90s basketball staple, and Jordan 11 was no exception to it. Rather, it incorporated a padded ballistic mesh for breathability. The beautiful details looked super enticing on the court. It also involved the outsole rubber, which was translucent and solid. This elegantly added to the aesthetics and made sure to provide foot protection. The phylon foam on the midsole was introduced to make the sneakers a progressive performance basketball shoe.

But hey, eventually, the Nike Air Jordan 11 was seen spreading its wings to a lifestyle staple. And the heavy-duty making was solely responsible for cementing the status as one of the evocative runners in the history of sneakers.

Is Nike Air Jordan 11 comfortable?

Air Jordan 11 not just super stylish but also super comfortable

And why do you think the Nike Air Jordan 11 is one of MJ’s favourite pairs? There’s also a reason why Nike puts out these shoes every Christmas. And, of course, everyone is drooling over them. It’s been like that since Boyz II rocked them at the 1996 Grammys.

Every athlete wants to play in them, every kid on the block wants them on their feet, and every fashionista wants to make it a look. Why? Because they are not just super stylish but also super comfortable.

Remember the time Jordan returned from his retirement and grabbed another ring? Oh yes, he was in the Nike Air Jordan 11.

Since 2006, these best selling Jordans releases involve at least one sneaker every year, and that’s because everyone is in awe of the airbag bag infused midsoles and air-cushioned technology. You will also find the phylon midsole and a carbon fibre midfoot spring plate comforting the wearer at max level. The padded collar and tongue sit graciously on a full-length air unit.

And that’s why the release of each shoe makes every sneakerhead go bonkers.

Is Nike Air Jordan 11 True to Size?

Air Max 11 Size Guide

Let me begin by saying these sneakers fit like a dream.

The patent leather helps stretch just the right amount, not too much. So, a slightly small size will crush your feet, and a slightly large shoe will develop a crease. Also, the mesh wraps around the food to give in a little stretch to flex in your oversized toe.

Once you slip into them on and lace them up perfectly, they will fit just right.

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How to Spot the real Nike Air Jordan 11?

Fake Jordans are a knockoff, but sadly they are all over the web. Several manufacturers are trying to replicate this masterpiece. Let me help you distinguish the difference between the two.

Box packaging

Air Max 11 Legit Check Box packaging

Begin with inspecting the box. Jordan 11 is always packed in a rugged box with the logo carved on the lid and the side. The lid must be tightly fitted with no gaps. Scrutinize the box closely and see if there are any flaws in spellings, brand logo or alignment issues. Also, the box colour should be uniform throughout without any dark or light patches.

Manufacturing sticker on the box

Air Max 11 Legit Check Manufacturing sticker on the box

The shoe box will have a label glued on the side of it. It is filled with details, and you can easily jut out the errors. The label will have details like the shoe size, style name, shoe colour and more. Pay attention to first the information accuracy, second uniform font and third even spacing. The sticker should also have the style number, which should have nine digits.

Sneaker tag

Air Max 11 Legit Check Sneaker tag

The sneaker tag inside the shoes should possess the same details as the printed label on the shoebox. Everything mentioned above and the year and country of manufacture should be marked on the tag. The nine-digit style number should match with the one printed on the box. You must also see that the label is stitched immaculately, apart from the font consistency and spelling errors. One obvious detail missing in the counterfeit is the letter ‘Q’ pattern. The word fabrique should have the tail of the Q from inside the circle.

Sneaker manufacturing date

Air Max 11 Legit Check Sneaker manufacturing date

Be smart, not sorry! Here’s an obvious way to spot the fake Jordans, which most tend to neglect. The only way to know the authentic manufacturing date is through google. So get going and check if the same date is mentioned on the OGs. In most cases, replicas tend to goof up here.

The inside of the tongue

Air Max 11 Legit Check, inside of the tongue

The iconic Jumpman logo should mark its presence even on the inside of the tongue. The tongue’s top should have a fabric patch with the Jumpman neatly embroidered on the centre. The colour of it should match the colour combination of the shoe.

Jumpman on the insole

Air Max 11 Legit Check Jumpman on the insole

All the Jordan 11s have a printed Jumpman on the insole. The details of the Jumpman, like the – feet, hand and ball, should all be proportionate and clear, and the logo’s edges should be sharp and not wavy.

Look at the laces

Air Max 11 Legit Check, laces

Look closely at the shoelaces and the shoelaces tabs. There must be even spacing between the shoelace tabs. Also, the shoelace tabs should all be of the same size and equal distance from one another. The tabs should also be attached with the same intensity. But that won’t be the case in the replica trainers. One of the tabs will be slightly loose.

The logo location

Air Max 11 Legit Check, The logo location

The embossed logo on the top of the tongue should have a specific location, and it must be bang on. It should be placed in the third lace space and be clearly visible. But the counterfeits generally position the logo around the fourth or second lace space.

Crosscheck the colourway

Air Jordan 11 Crosscheck on Fastsole.co.uk

Is the colourway familiar or very unusual? The trick to finding that out is to scan some reputable websites. Fast Sole has an updated list of Nike Air Jordan 11. Explore the collection to figure out the authentic Jordans. Replicas sometimes feature really atrocious colourways.

Signatory patent leather

Air Jordan 11 Signatory patent leather

The placement of the patent leather is right on the upper in the real Jordans. But the fake ones will have it placed much higher or lower on the sneaker’s upper. Some real cheap ones will have the edges of the leather glued on the upper. And this will be very prominently noticeable.

Then get to the arch of the leather, which is near the heel seam. The real one will flaunt a high and smooth curve. But in the counterfeit, this curve will be obnoxiously low.

Sneaker heel

Air Jordan 11 Sneaker heel

Get into the in and outs of the heel completely. Let’s start with the height of it. The dip of the patent leather around the centre back of the heel will be evidently high. The authentic heel tab will also flaunt the number ’23’. Also, the heel tab will always match the curving of the runner. But the counterfeits will not follow the natural contour.

Speaking about the signature number, it must be clear and printed in white, and it should also have an even degree of thickness. Both the digits should have consistent spacing.

Toe box

Air Max 11 Toe Box

You are already aware of the transparent rubber outsole in the runners. So, the leather colour around the toe area should be visible, and the colour separation line should be smooth and level.

Carbon fibre sole

Air Jordan 11 Carbon Fiber Sole

Last but not the least, the Jordan 11s are known for the carbon fibre sole. So, not looking into it will be sheer negligence. It should be super strong and rigid. If you find even a minor dent on it or slightly sluggish, there’s no debating that it’s fake.

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How to style the Nike Air Jordan 11?

Lots have been spoken about how straightforward Nike Air Jordan 11s are. So I am here to give you some trouble-free styling tips. No brain whacking! No effort!

This iconic footwear is a staple and loved by every gender, every age group. I am a big fan of street styling. You can look uber cool and classy at the same time. Let me help you nail the perfect blend of chic and casual.

Choose Slim-fit Jeans

Air Jordan 11 Styling

We are all aware of Jordan’s chunky aesthetics, and that’s what we love the most, don’t we? Well, I am not saying your only option is skinny jeans; you can also opt for straight fit ones, but baggy pants are a big NO. Slim fit creates a great sense of balance between your attire and voluminous trainers. So, you can never go wrong with this ensemble. Roomy denims with Nike Air Jordan 11 is a fashion disaster.

Let the Jordans speak glamour

Air Jordan 11 glamour

Oh, we love stripe pants, checked culottes and printed gauchos. But keep them away from your Jordan 11. I would highly recommend going simple on your bottoms. A wise man once said – A sucker for basics is the epitome of class, and I believe there’s 100% truth to it. Neutral and understated bottoms will only accentuate your Jordans to the fullest. Let them scream out glamour.

Play with the upper colours

Air Jordan 11 Upper Style

You have all the freedom in the world with your top wear. Vibrant colours, baggy fits, body hug tops, sweatshirts or hoodies. What’s your preference? Go all out; there’s no stopping you. Choose your colour, choose your style. There’s no guide here!

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How to care for Nike Air Jordan 11?

Air Jordan 11 Care

Cleaning your Nike Air Jordan 11 is a painless process. Besides doing all the cleaning, you must always remember to store the sneakers in the box. That helps in keeping them away from the dust. A well-taken care pair will always last very long.

How to clean white Nike Air Jordan 11 laces?

  • Are your shoelaces worn and dingy? Before you deep clean them, loosen up all the dirt swiftly. The upper surface covered with dirt will come off.
  • Grab your cleaning essentials. You only need bleach powder, clean water, a bucket and a pair of gloves.
  • Pour some water and add 2 tablespoons of bleach onto the bucket. Soak in your gloves and let them sit for a while. Keep your gloves on.
  • Stir the laces in a round direction. You can make use of a spatula to do so. You will find the water getting dirty and muddy.
  • Remove the laces and repeat the process. Of course, use clean and fresh water!

How to clean coloured Nike Air Jordan 11 laces?

  • Whether it is coloured or white, you must begin the same way. Use your hands to scrub off all the excessive dirt.
  • Bring out the same cleaning essentials. However, replace the bleach with liquid soap. Fill the bucket with clean water and liquid.
  • Dip your coloured laces in this cleaning solution and let it rest for a while.
  • Take a spatula, or you could even use your hand to stir the laces.
  • Pull out your laces, and if you still find it grimy, you can use a soft brush to scrub the dirt.
  • Simply repeat the process once again only to find clean and sparking laces.

How to clean the insoles of Nike Air Jordan 11?

  • The first step is to pluck out the insoles from the sneakers and let them air out for some time.
  • Get hold of a soft brush, a clean bucket, shoe cleaning serum and some water.
  • Grab the bucket and fill it with room temperature clean water.
  • Make a magical mixture of a shoe cleaning serum and water.
  • Dip the brush into the soap water. Begin scrubbing the insoles, then.
  • Stress more on the stained areas. It will most likely be the heel and toe area. Don’t go easy on that patch.
  • Run the brush through clean water and repeat the process.
  • Remember never to soak the insoles in water for a long time.
  • Once you have finished cleaning, use a microfibre cloth to eradicate the soap residue.

How to clean the uppers of Nike Air Jordan?

  • Get hold of the shoe cleaning serum again and pour some in a bucket full of water.
  • Immerse the brush in the solution and move it over the upper in a circular motion.
  • If you feel it’s not working, ditch the soft brush and get hold of a hard one. Scrub it back and forth and eradicate all the stuck grime.
  • Hard to reach areas, cracks and crannies work well with a toothbrush.

Cleaning thumb rule- What should you avoid?

Let your Jordan sneakers sparkle as long as they last. Here’s a list of things you must keep away from them.

  • Hot water
  • Washing Machine
  • Sunlight
  • Harsh chemicals

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Top Nike Air Jordan 11 of All Times

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Golf White

1. Jordan 11 Retro Low Golf Masters: This one’s definitely a golf lovers paradise. These silhouettes were crafted to inspire all the avid fans of the sport, and what a brilliant creation it is! The stunning colourway has black snakeskin leather on the upper and white leather on the mudguard. The shoes also have green and yellow hands logo accompanied by a red Jumpman protruding on the tongue.

Best Feature: Aggravated support

Air Jordan 11 Jubilee Black CT8012-011

2. Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee 25th Anniversary: Call it a beast or a performer; these stunners are everything you would ever want. The sneakers flaunt two leather variants on the upper, with metallic hues adding to the royalty. The Jumpman badge sure adds substantially to the sneaker style. It also has a black effect which contrasts beautifully with the white midsole and cloudy outsole. And, of course, you cannot go unnoticed on the carbon fibre planting. That’s where all the support comes from.

Best Feature: Classic and Versatile

Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue White AV2187-117Image Credit: endclothing.com

3. Jordan 11 Retro Low Legend Blue: These classic Jordan sneakers spell utmost sophistication. The upper features an all-white, smoothly constructed layer in patent leather. And the back is as stunning as it could get. It features Jumpman and ’23’ emblems with pride and grace. The white midsole and foggy translucent outsole complete the look and make the sneaker even more dashing.

Best Feature: High toned

Nike Jordan 11 Low Concord Bred AV2187-160

4. Jordan 11 Retro Low Concord Bred: Traditional and hybrid, the design is wrapped with a white upper and also has black patent leather overlays. The sneakers are rendered beautifully with black detailing to give a tinge of regency. Jordan branding on the tongue sure is well incorporated, but these silhouettes also complete the design with a white midsole and red opaque outsole.

Best Feature: Ultra-durable

Nike Jordan 11 Low Black Cement 919712-006

5. Jordan 11 Retro Low IE Black Cement: This black beauty debuted as an international clannish thanks to its intricate detailing. The exclusivity of Jordan 3’s elephant print is back on this edition, accompanying the black tumbled leather immaculately. Sparks flew out with the red Jumpman on the tongue, and of course, that’s a tribute to the brand. Mesh panelling on the heel sure swells up the sneaker score and can lure anyone.

Best Feature: Versatile

Top Nike Air Jordan 11 of 2021

Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Cool Grey White CW0784-001Image Credit: endclothing.com

1. Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Cool Grey White CW0784-001: Fire and ice, and everything nice! These sneakers shower us with pleasant colourways featuring different shades of grey, white and a tone of blueish grey. You will also notice the Jumpman logo screaming out loud from the tongue, heel tab and insoles. The premium fabrication includes a foam collar to provide inflated cushioning around the ankle and heel. Oh, and let’s not miss the rubber pods underfoot that is incorporated for great traction.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Resale value: £109.99

Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue White AV2187-117

Image Credit: finishline.com

2. Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue White AV2187-117: These basketball trainers are subtle, refreshing, and all-season sneakers. The sophisticated combination of blue and white is sure a visual treat. The calming shade can lighten up the mood of the wearer and the onlooker. Speaking of the construction, these silos follow a cloud white colour theme and a bubbly gum outsole underfoot.

Best Feature: Refreshing

Resale value: £150.00

Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Quai 54 White Black DJ4893-106

Image Credit: endclothing.com

3. Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Quai 54 White Black DJ4893-106: Streetwear sneakers and yet super chic! Get ready to grace an unconventional combination of stripes, patterns and cloudy layers. The contemporary palette runners feature a white and black upper along with an icy blue outsole. The sidewalls are covered with mesh overlays and forefoot with black stripes to awaken your sports inner soul. These trainers also flaunt African and Persian aesthetics through graphics, making them irresistible.

Best Feature: Contemporary look

Resale value: £149.99

Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Black CW0784-003

4. Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Black CW0784-003: Stunning, sleek and sizzling! Yes, it’s everything. The all-black sneakers have a bit of variation with the material. Mesh material encompassing the laces, textured material on the upper and super-luxe leather bordering the mudguard can create a whole new sneaker level. Rubber outsole and monogram air-cushioned midsoles make the runner’s high performers.

Best Feature: Timeless black beauty

Resale value: £89.99

Air Jordan 11 Low IE Bred White 919712-023

Image Credit: endclothing.com

5. Air Jordan 11 Low IE Bred White 919712-023: And we are back with the limited version of Bred but with a stunning makeover. The beast has a retro style leather upper with the classic colourway making it a must-have. It has a sigil colour theme of white, black and red, executing an ideal colour combination. So yes, you can style these runners with any outfit on any occasion. The comfort level of the sneakers is also on point. It has an airbag infused midsole to coddle the wearer’s feet.

Best Feature: Iconic air cushioning

Resale value: £149.95

Celebrities in Nike Air Jordan 11

The who’s-who of stardom is going ga-ga over these runners. They are painting the town red by making a style statement in these Jordans. And that’s why they are not just basketball sneakers.

Daniel Jason Sudeikis spotted with Air Jordan 11Image Credits: sneakernews.com, solecollector.com

Daniel Jason Sudeikis is an amazing actor and a certified sneakerhead. Just kidding! He loves his Jordans and often sticks to wearing only them. Well, he is definitely a loyalist. He is no stranger to any colourway, but the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ is his dearest. He teamed it with straight fit jeans and a checked shirt. Oh yes, simplicity is the key!

Chris Paul spotted with Air Jordan 11

Image Credits: solecollector.com

Chris Paul is one of the biggest NBA stars and also happens to be a Jordan fan. His relationship with the brand is deep, and he is often spotted in them off the court. He picked the most unconventional emerald green colour and kept it neutral with his attire. And let’s not forget, former Basketball players – Magic Johnson and Larry Bird endorsed the brand and showed unconditional love.

American rapper Roddy Ricch is holding on to his no 1 spot of sneakerhead for a while. He was spotted in his stunning Jordans and matched them to his metallic silver pinstripes Vince Carter jersey.

Randy Moss Spotted With Air Jordan 11

Image Credits: solecollector.com

Jordans are not just basketball shoes. The trainers have reached the football hall of fame. Randy Moss racked up the yard in a purple patent variant of the iconic sneakers.

Call her a fashion consultant or the face of Jordans. She has a keen eye for basketball culture and was the first female to join the Jordan brand. Since then, her Instagram has been flooded with the best Jordan 11 pairs, but our favourite was her undefeated look in black fitted leather pants and a body hug crop top. The word ‘stunning’ could also do no justice.

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Wrapping up

Aren’t these stunners everything you could ever dream of? The Nike Air Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic trainers from the MJ and Tinkers collaboration. And yes, there’s no denying that it is Michael’s favourite from the brand.

That was our Air Jordan 11 complete guide and let’s end it on that note. But hey, have these splendid sneakers made it to your roster yet? Christmas is around the corner. Get the most exciting deals with Fast Sole.

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