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Nike Air Jordan 1: A Complete Guide

14 March 2023


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Jordan 1: A Complete Guide featured image

The Chronicles of Air Jordan 1 is full of intricacies. Nevertheless, we love how this world-renowned silhouette has flourished and swept away everyone with its swoosh style.

The old school sneaker, designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore, took major inspiration from the game of Basket Ball. The first and foremost heartbreaker was released in 1984 and named after the magnificent player- Micheal Jordan.

The deal-breaker between Nike and Jordan was pretty controversial yet interesting. To cut things short, let me put it as Jordan was pretty hard to convince. Let’s dig deep into how the collaboration eventually became a huge success.

What’s the story?

Air Jordan 1 Timeline

Unfortunately, Jordan turned down the deal with Nike at first. His initial fidelity was towards adidas. Also, his preferred shoe in the game, back then, was Converse’s, Chuck Taylor. He was in complete awe of it and was hell-bent on signing a deal with them.

Nike drove an inestimable deal to Michael Jordan and allured him by promising to create a brand completely around him and make him the face of it. To your surprise, Jordan made a pass at the deal by stating he wasn’t comfortable with Nikes thick soles. ‘I want to feel the court’, he said.

Peter Moore, Nike’s creative director, took charge of everything and made an offer Jordan could not refuse. Nike made some inevitable changes to leave Jordan complacent and also made a deal of $2.5 million over five years. What more? Michael would also be endured with some heavy royalties of every sneaker sold. Lastly, Michaels agent – David Falk, played a big role in making this collaboration happen. And that’s how Air Jordan 1 was born.

And dint I say controversial right at the beginning?

Air Jordan 1 debuted in its finest ‘Black and Red’ timeless style. Michael flaunting this silhouette on the court became quite dismaying for many. The National Basketball Association (NBA) allowed ‘white only’ footwear on the court. And then NBA Vice President, Robert Boulevard, did not flinch away from sending across a penalty notice and charging a hefty amount of $5000. Michael broke the league uniform rules, and that came at a price. It was recognized as the ‘Banned’ controversy. But guess what? NBA charges only added positive appeal to the sneakers. The brand got an insane cult-like following and became the shoe’s biggest claim to fame. The sensational model was seen on every sneaker-hungry foot. The shoes sold like hotcakes.

Funnily, Nike did not even attempt to promote these silhouettes. The marketing team relaxed and watched the sales flow through the roof.

What are the different variants of Air Jordan 1?

different variants of Air Jordan 1The Air Jordan 1 family is intricate and distinctive in a unique way.

As an onlooker, you are going to find them all to be the same. But the disparity in these silhouettes is in the fine details.

The first to be released with the Jordan 1 high, back in 1985. Even though it was controversial, the flame still burns bright. The exceeding popularity was a total surprise. That’s one of the reasons why the High Jordan is priced more steeply compared to the other two.

The low and the mid silhouettes have lesser sneaker holes compared to the Dunk High Jordan. Coming to the size aspect, you will surely need the same size in all three of them. But the Dunk high is more generous and wider throughout. This also accords that extra inch of comfort.

Let’s not miss the most obvious breach between the three. The Dunk high flaunts the original ‘Nike Air’ logo on the tongue of the silhouette. With the low and mid-series inception, the OG logo got replaced with the Jumpman logo and printed insoles.

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What is Air Jordan 1 made of?

Air Jordan 1 made of

Image Credit : 90snkrs.com

Let me begin by pointing out that the design and fabrication of Air Jordan 1 was an inspiration from motorcycles, aeroplanes and automobiles.

The Multinational company manufactured its first in China. And then diversified by adding another plant in China itself. The foremost version was polyurethane (PU) coated action leather with die-cut clean edges and shoe fibres. Besides that, this mastery sneaker also comprises synthetic rubber components, phylon, phyllite and more.

The sensational sneaker series is sure foot-friendly flaunting full leather uppers with a rubber midsole and outsole. This fabrication scores an extra edge on the sturdiness aspect. Let me run you through the approximate measurements of it. The leather would be anywhere between 1.2mm – 1.5mm. The skived is wide enough upto 5 mm and 0.7 mm thick. It enhanced the strength and durability of the shoe tremendously, which of course, is a great feature.

The high-end Air Jordan models are rolled out with premium equipment to give them a neat and immaculate look. No bumps, no wrinkles! The fine work is a treat to the eye.

Know the Size Guide for Air Jordan 1

Size Guide for Air Jordan 1

Is the Air Jordan 1 true to the size?

One of the most frequent questions asked ‘Is the Air Jordan 1 true to the size?’ So, let’s put an end to the curiosity right away.

Jordan 1 is a bang on when it comes to size. The ideal approach would be opting for your regular size itself. Do not attempt measuring your insole and then comparing it with the sneaker. Grab your usual sneaker size, and you are sorted. Regardless of the variant, you are indulging in. This means that Jordan 1 is absolutely a safe bet for all sneakerheads. Unless, unless! Here’s an exceptional case.

If you are all for ‘snuggy-fit’ sneakers, then you will certainly feel cosier in slightly smaller size sneakers. Not one size down. Remember, just go half a size low, and you will be completely sorted.

Is Air Jordan 1 comfortable?

How Comfortable is Air Jordan 1

Let me categorize the comfort level for every variant separately.

The Air Jordan 1 Low absorbs the shape of the feet flawlessly. Unequivocally, it means the Nike gem is enjoyable at the max level. The cushion soles enhance the grip, making sure the feet have supreme comfort and safety. The stellar is sure to boost your confidence with every step you take.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid has a high structure fabrication, and hence they are insanely comfortable. These must-have silhouettes have extra padding along with snug-fitting to ensure the feet are secured at all times.

The Air Jordan 1 High deserves a shout out for the utmost solace it provides. The beauties are incredibly flexible and are a beast on the feet. In a nutshell, you can run a marathon in them.

Some Expert Opinions from our Top Sneaker Bloggers

Step into the unrevealed and sensational findings from our top sneaker bloggers. Here’s what Fast Sole’s curated panel has to say.

  • Words from our CEO – Shah Aktaruzzaman: Air Jordan 1 is a must-have for every sneaker junkie. Flaunt the classic kicks unapologetically, and steal the spotlight swiftly.
  • Words from our Trends Writer – Liam Perry: The Air Jordan 1 Mid is my favourite. They are true stunners in the sneaker realm. They are sure to switch up your summer game with the classic look appeal.
  • Words from our Senior Writer: Tracy Green: I own a pair of every variant – low, medium and high. They are exceedingly comfortable. Well, I would even say each one of them is like ‘made to order’.
  • Words from our Editor-in-Chief- Simon Kalinchuk: A day-to-day shoes or a party rocker; you can call them anything you like. Also, they will last you like a gold mine.

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How does Air Jordan 1 fit?

Speaking about the Air Jordan 1 low, mid, and high, they fit like a dream. You can order any of the masterpieces online and be sure about the fit being just right. The sneaker size is as accurate as of the rectal thermometer; just saying!

Ways to care for Air Jordan 1

care for Air Jordan 1

How to clean Air Jordan 1?

Are you looking for cleaning or deodorizing options? Well, treat your Jordans like gold. These sleek kicks can get a bit sensitive. Keep them away from chemicals and washers. Bleach is a BIG no.

I would recommend you clean as soon as they get dirty. Delaying is like inviting trouble. Simply use a special shoe brush and dishwashing soap. Wipe it down when you are done. Remember, tea bags and vinegar spray work amazingly well to deodorize.

Which chemicals can you use to eliminate spots?

Suede sneakers can get a bit empathetic. Use nothing on it except the special suede cleaner. Other than that, my favourite and safest bet would be the Jason Markk premium wet wipe. It will briskly remove all possible stains.

What should you avoid while cleaning the shoes?

Well, if you are a die-hard sneaker fan, you already know this. Harsh chemical cleaners can rip your sneaker off horribly. Also, hot water can cause the sneaker colour to fade. Your Jordan deserves justice!

Can you replace any parts?

Air Jordan 1 Restoration

The best thing about your Air Jordan is that it can be restored beautifully, whether bruised or battered. Broken sole or unsightly holes or ripped laces; you can replace anything and everything in an Air Jordan 1.

What’s the catch here? It’s going to cost you a groaning.

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Air Jordan 1: Real vs Fake

Air Jordan 1 Real vs Fake


How to spot an authentic Air Jordan 1?

Fake Nikes are becoming a thing. The counterfeits are growing by the day. In this midst, spotting the fake ones can get a bit tricky. But you know what? It’s not such a tough thing.

  • Take a close look at the Air Jordan wings logo. The real one will have the logo embossed deep inside the leather.
  • Authenticate the heel tab stitch at the back. The fake one will have a single stitch, and it will match the leather colour.
  • The ‘K’ on the logo should of the real one will touch the swoosh. The width of the letters in the fake ones will be too narrow.
  • The size label inside the shoe should have the tag sewn down on the inside itself.
  • The lace keeper of the real Jordans will have simple cuts.
  • The ‘Fabrique en China’ should have no inconsistent letter.

Air Jordan 1: Style Guide

Air Jordan 1 Style Guide

Which is the best outfit to be worn with Air Jordan 1?

I will sound a bit cliche now, but nothing can match the combination of Jeans and Jordans. It’s classic, killer and effortless. I would rather say that play down a bit on your outfit and let your stunning sneaker grab all the attention. A logo t-shirt, bomber jacket and skinny fit jeans can work fiercely for you. Also, neutrals and Jordans are a go-to!

Should you go formal or casual with Air Jordan 1?

Jordans are known to be celestial in the casual string. Denims, shorts, skirts, casual dresses and hoodies; go exceptionally well with the sneakers.

Socks or no socks with Air Jordan 1?

Well, if you are wearing socks only to fill up the space, it’s needless. Jordans fit like a snug. However, to some, being without socks can wreak havoc on the feet.

Air Jordan 1 is best for which season?

Nike’s Air Jordan 1s are certainly all season-friendly. It will be too harsh to restrict it to a particular one. These kicks can rock your look at any time of the year.

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Top Five Air Jordan 1 of 2021

Air Jordan 1 of 2021-Travis Scott Fragment

1. Travis Scott Fragment Air Jordan 1 Military Blue: You can pair them with any outfit with your eyes closed and slay it. The classic colour scheme and an ultra-modern feel will let you boast every step you take.

Best Feature: Light in weight

Resale value: £2900

Air Jordan 1 of 2021-Fragment Design Travis Scott

2. Fragment Design Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low White: The low white sneaker will make you fall at the very first glance! The cream-white swoosh, along with the black leather panels, makes it an irresistible panel. The exquisite silhouette is accentuated even more with a blue touch on the insole and outsole.

Best Feature: Contemporary design

Resale value: £1900

Air Jordan 1 of 2021-Retro High Dark Mocha

3. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha: Frothy cream, mocha brown and pitch-black; this killer combination makes it a perfect silhouette to flaunt on a cold winter day. The beaming chemistry of leather and suede makes the stunner stand out from the rest of the Jordans.

Best Feature: Sturdy.

Resale value: £449

Air Jordan 1 of 2021-Low Quai 54 White Black

4. Air Jordan 1 Low Quai 54 White Black: The chic runner is one of a kind with its construction and timeless style. You can pair this dashing pop of colour sneaker with what you like and yet make a statement. Sneaker hungry’s are definitely going to find this one awe-inspiring.

Best Feature: Comforting cushioned soles.

Resale value: £155

Air Jordan 1 KO Storm Blue DO5047-401

Image Credit: .kicksonfire.com

5. Air Jordan 1 KO Storm Blue: The stunning blocked design sneaker is absolutely astounding. These retro-esque sneakers are bold, speedy, stylish and evergreen. The highly-coveted trainers flaunt a white layer base beautifully to support the overlaying colours.

Best Feature: Bold & Beautiful

Resale value: £150

Air Jordan 1 of 2021-Zoom Comfort Royal Blue Womens

6. Aleali May Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort Royal Blue Womens: 2021 is the year of the Dunk, and this Jordan gem is exceeding its royalty. The masterpiece is a paradise for wacky lovers. The green and blue colour combination with off white hues make the runner a heartbreaker. The doper colourway will surely level up your fashion game.

Best Feature: Slip-resistant.

Resale value: £161

Top Five Air Jordan 1 of All Time

Top Five Air Jordan 1 of All Time-OG Bred

1. Air Jordan 1 OG Bred: These runners couldn’t get any more retro. The heavy-duty leather construction makes the silhouette look ravishing on any foot. The sneakers will remain forever trendy. Flaunt it when you want it!

Best Feature: Modern cushioning technology.

Top Five Air Jordan 1 of All Time-OG Royal

2. Air Jordan 1 OG Royal: The famous colourway with premium leather construction will never go out of fashion. The high fabrication is sure to guard your feet from every external factor. The runner is also a charmer with its colour theme.

Best Feature: Insole modern technology.

Top Five Air Jordan 1 of All Time-Retro High Dior

Image Credit: reddit.com

3. Jordan 1 Retro High Dior: This Jordan stunner has bridged the gap completely between sports and luxury. The premium looking iconic sneaker flaunts Italian leather and handcrafted edges. The dual branding makes a statement in a very premium yet sporty way!

Best Feature: Heavy-duty construction.

Top Five Air Jordan 1 of All Time-Retro Legends of Summer Redfarfetch.com

4. Jordan 1 Retro Legends of Summer Red: The runner is truly a legend of Summer wear. The iconic sneaker boasts a premium construction of leather and snakeskin. The sparkling glitter can drive any aficionados crazy with its quirky appeal. The sneaker design is the epitome of craftsmanship, poise and innovation.

Best Feature: Super stylish.

Top Five Air Jordan 1 of All Time-Retro High Off-White White

5. Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White White: This sneaker has stolen the heart of every fashion-savvy with its immaculate design. The all-white premium leather with some blue detailing and fine scheming has made some substantial waves. The orange tab on the side panel has grabbed all the attention of sneaker hungry’s.

Best Feature: Chicago theme predecessor.

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Celebrities and Air Jordan 1

Celebrities and Air Jordan 1

Image Credit: pushcm.com, tingzer.top, dailymail.com, ice2art.com

To me, everyone wearing an Air Jordan is a celebrity. And that’s the power of it. Indeed, the shoe line seems to be gaining a lot of popularity amongst the big names. The extravagant sneaker wear has got a dreamy chain of admirers.

Who’s been slaying it in the most-loved Jordans?

Rhianna seems to be all devoted to the sneaker brand. She has been spotted blitzing the footwear multiple times. But let’s not forget her look at the Met Gala incorporating one of the red and black Jordan 1. What a beauty!

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth frontman, moved the limelight from his bouffant hairstyle to the spectacular looking sneakers. The OG was paired with baggy fit denim and a long overcoat. He totally nailed the look, didn’t he?

One of the most valuable NBA stars – Chris Paul, was spotted in all-white attire and spunky Jordans. And do I need to mention Michael Jordan slaying it in these sneakers? That’s a no brainer!

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